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The basics are the same for all companies: We incorporate your company and make sure you have a robust foundation for your business. This includes headquarters, accounting, board of directors and other important functions.

Depending on your businesses, certain organisation requirements are needed. We help you to recognize this and implement it correctly. Potential fields of actions are:

  • Tax / VAT / Social security

  • Insurances

  • AML / KYC

  • Corporate governance

  • Internal directives

  • Internal control system

  • Audit and reportings


Roles concerned:

  • Company Director

  • Compliance Officer / AML Officer

  • Risk Manager

  • Portfolio Manager

  • Tax Expert

ILFP Legal Partners, Buchhaltung, Fintech-Powerhouse, Geschäftsstrategien entwickeln, Lizenzvergabe, Personalleasing

Julian Hlousek

Managing Partner


T +41 27 55 77 99 2

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We offer a one-stop shop service for most entrepreneurs and business owners intending to operate out of Switzerland and with a need for local substance. This is why we own a license for staff lease that allows us to efficiently serve all needs with direct access to qualified personnel.​

It is important that market participants such as regulators, banks, service providers and authorities understand your business. That's why we help you to formulate and shape your business case in a way that enables you to move forward and succeed.


We are convinced that challenging ventures need the very best experts in all critical value drivers of the accordant ventures’ value chain. This is why we introduce trusted service providers to work with us in order to achieve our clients’ goals.

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