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Daniel Biesuz, Experte in Bereichen Recht & Business, Gründer & Manager Partner, ILFP Legal Partners
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Founder & Managing Partner | MLaw

Daniel is an expert at the intersection of law, business, and technology. He closes the gap between new-tech and traditional legal and financial business.

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Zina Cavelti, Risikomanagement, Lizenzvergabe, Buchhaltungspersonal, Entwicklung & Umsetzung von Geschäftsstrategien

Consultant | MSc. in Business Administration

Zina holds a Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor in Business. She is involved as external consultant in various regulatory bridge mandates (business planning).

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Dr. Faina Leinwather, Finanzen & Buchhaltung ILFP Legal Partners, Buchhaltung, Buchhaltungspersonal, ILFP Legal Partners

Finance & Accounting | PhD

Faina has a PhD in economics and a diploma in finance.

She is member of the finance and accounting team and leads the tax  services.

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Portfolio Management, Simone Gall Portfolio Manager, Fintech Powerhouse, Lizenzvergabe, Lizenzierung
Simone Gall Business DOWNSIZED WEB-3_edited_edited.jpg

Portfolio Manager | Master of Adv. Studies

Simone holds a Master of Advanced Studies and a Bachelor in Business. She is involved as external consultant in various asset and portfolio management mandates.

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Managing Partner, Julian Hlousek, Experte für Kypto-Währung, Krypto-Börse
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Managing Partner

Julian is responsible for the company's business and administration department and heads the accounting team. He is certified cryptocurrency expert. 

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Yevhen Shot, ILFP Legal Partners, Fintech Powerhouse, Unterstützung bei Gründung ihres Unternehmens, Personalverleih

Associate | MLaw

Yevhen has a Master of European and international business law. He is member of the legal structuring team (jurisdicitions: Switzerland, EU, UK, Hongkong and Malta).

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ILFP Legal Partners, Sascha Weinberg, Office Manager, IT Management

Office Manager | Merchant

Sascha is a merchant and as office manager responsible for the whole back-office, including IT and data management.

    Bruno M. Lourenco ILFP Legal Partners, Finanzplaner, Geschäftsstrategien, Personalverleih, Finanztransaktionen & Treuhanddienstleistungen

    Consultant | Swiss Certified Financial Planner

    Bruno is certified Swiss Financial Planner, Qualified Financial Advisor IAF and Insurance Broker VBV. He is a professional board member and external consultant.

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