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At ILFP, we understand that establishing a physical presence is a critical component of any successful business. As such, we are pleased to offer our "Domicile Zug" service, which provides companies with a highly desirable business address in the heart of Zug's thriving fintech hub.

Our Domicile Zug service offers flexible options, ranging from a simple PO box to a fully equipped office space, based on your specific needs. Our service is designed to provide you with the necessary physical presence to meet your legal requirements and make a lasting impression on your clients and business partners.

In addition to providing a prime location for your business, our team of experienced tax experts and relocation specialists are at your disposal to ensure a seamless transition to Switzerland. We provide comprehensive support for all aspects of your relocation, from obtaining the necessary permits to opening bank accounts and ensuring compliance with Swiss tax and regulatory requirements.

Our Domicile Zug service is designed to be both affordable and customizable, with options available from as low as CHF 200 per month. With our service, you can enjoy all the benefits of establishing a physical presence in Switzerland's premier fintech hub, without the associated costs and logistical challenges.


Contact us today to learn more about our Domicile Zug service and how we can help you establish a successful presence in Switzerland's thriving fintech ecosystem.

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Sascha Weinberg

Office Manager


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