Fiduciary & Escrow

We support you in complying with contracts and undertaking transactions. As far as legally acceptable, we receive assets on your behalf, keep them save and ensure the correct process of the transfer or change of ownership.

So-called fiduciary or escrow services may pertain to the following fiduciary transactions:

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Obligations

  • Art Transactions

  • Transfer by Way of Security

  • Intangible Rights and Patents

  • Fusions

  • Acquisitions

  • Purchase Agreements of every Description

  • Public Offers

  • Equity Placements

  • Placement of Bond Issues

  • M&A Transactions

  • Transfer of other Intangible Goods such as Source Codes  

  • Purchase/Sale of Digital Assets (Crypto Currencies, Tokens etc.)

  • Asset Management Services

  • Assistance in Issuance and Placement of Securities

  • Handling of Private Placements

  • Management of SPV: Special Purpose Vehicle

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Daniel Biesuz


We are Self-Regulatory Organisation Member of SRO Treuhand Suisse.