Crypto Advice | Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & STO / ICO Advice

ILFP has a team specialized on Fintech projects and transactions – particularly on Blockchain related business. 

We give advice on:

  • Crypto Asset Management

  • STO / ICOs

  • Whitepaper

  • Developers

  • Token Economy

  • Marketing Campaign

  • Setup of structures in blockchain environment in general

STO / ICO Advice

We setup tailor-made STO / ICOs. Accordingly, we organize and execute everything needed to be able to carry out a successful token offering event.

The competitive ICO-Market allows our clients to do their fundraising faster and more effectively.

Our trusted team of specialized consultants walk-through legal, marketing and technical aspects such as:

  • Consultations on legal setup


  • Onboarding of banks

  • Security Token Prospectus

  • Access to leading attorneys

  • Communication to regulators

  • Advanced rulings

  • Tax specialists

  • Review and recommendations: Token legal concept, white paper, token economy

  • Set of legal documents, including token purchase agreement, terms of use, privacy policy etc.

Contact our expert Daniel Biesuz

Office: +41 44 212 80 00
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Daniel Biesuz

Blockchain & Fintech Consultant