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Together with our sister company GOFINTECH, we incorporated a FINTECH POWERHOUSE in the middle of the city Zug, where we secure all needed infrastructure and knowledge to allow innovation and growth of some of the most exiting fintechs.

The FINTECH POWERHOUSE is an office complex with segregated office rooms but with shared common areas and basic services, powered by ILFP. 

Beside direct access to ILFP's knowledge and capabilities, GOFINTECH is working on a decent banking-as-a-software (BaaS) and banking-as-a-platform (BaaP) offering that shall ultimately bring the time-to-market of creating (new) fintechs down from apx. 1-2 years to 3 months, and thus reduce development time and costs.

To all fintechs that are interested in becoming a member of the FINTECH POWERHOUSE: Come and visit us, have a coffee and get inspired from our attractive work environment.

Fintech Powerhouse, ILFP Legal Partners, Daniel Biesuz Managing Partner, Risikomanagement, Lizenzierung

Daniel Biesuz

MLaw | Managing Partner


T +41 27 55 77 99 2

"We aim to place innovative solutions into the right innovation hub and to allow progress that fits also to the regulatory environment of the future."

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