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We are involved in following areas of licencing:

FinTech Licence

A FinTech licence under Article 1b of the Swiss Banking Act enables the holder to:

  • Issue IBANs / Access SWIFT / SEPA

  • Process retail payments

  • Accept fiat deposits held at the Swiss National Bank (up to 100m)

  • Take unlimited crypto into custody

  • Issue (some) stable coins


Ask us about the process for obtaining a FinTech licence. 

Portfolio Management

Formerly known as “Asset Manager” or “External Asset Manager”, the portfolio manager has discretionary power over the customer's assets and takes investment decisions in the name of the customer. Besides of managing the customer's assets, he can give investment advice, analyse portfolios or offer financial products.

We provide you with the necessary know-how to get licence and organisation in place.

Crypto Exchange

We guide you to get the needed licences and meet the required organizational prerequisites for running a crypto exchange:

  • FIAT <> Crypto

  • Crypto <> Crypto

  • No securities

Further Notes

The key to all licences is an organisation consisting of personnel with an appropriate track record and experience (plus meeting “fit & proper” requirements). We gladly help you to find and implement the right talents.

Structures in addition to the above may include:

  • Credit and debit cards with cash back program

  • Crypto deposit in Swiss wallets 

  • Staking services

  • Debt collection b2b

  • Credit operations (incl. consumer credit, mortgage, leasing)

  • Structuring of securities (equities, bonds, other financial products)

  • Creating SPVs (special purpose vehicles)

  • Stock market listings 

  • Trading in precious metals and commodities

  • InsureTech services

  • Fraud detection


Don’t hesitate to ask and discuss your business idea with us. We can assist not only in the licensing process, but also in providing qualified personnel and outsourcing offers in the area of AML, risk management and accounting.

Daniel Biesuz, Managing Partner, FinTech Lizenz, Portfolio Management, Krypto-Börse, Lizenzvergabe

Daniel Biesuz

MLaw | Managing Partner


T +41 27 55 77 99 2

"Everyone has an idea, but it's really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you work on the idea."

- Jack Dorsey

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