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In the last years, ILFP has increased its service portfolio steadily. As partner of various fintech companies, we have identified that there is a significant need of fast availability of qualified personnel. This is why ILFP applied for a license for staff leasing according to the Federal Act on Employment Services and the Hiring of Services. The Economic Development Department of the Canton of Zug issued the accordant license in the name of ILFP Legal Partner LLC as at 29.03.2022.

ILFP offers direct access to qualified personnel, that is efficiently deployable based on the client's need, in following areas:

  • Administration

  • Finance and accounting

  • Compliance

  • Risk management

  • C-level

With our staff lease offer, we provide further substance to your venture by way of an equivalent as if our clients would hire direct personnel, but without any social administration overhead and inefficiencies that direct hiring contracts include inherently.

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Julian Hlousek

Managing Partner


T +41 27 55 77 99 2

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